Building new system.AMD phenom 2 X4 955 or Intel corei7-920?

Hi :hello: .im new to this thread.and this is my first will be long so i got to warn u in advance lol.

please do excuse my bad grammer as it tends to be my weakest point.

i will upgrade/rebuild a new system with my existing components.the only new/major components i will be purchasing soon are/is: CPU,Motherboard & Memory.possibly a case too although i have a nexus,i may need to get a new one as it's outdated.

i read the whole posts on the "AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE vs. Intel Core 2 Duo E8600" thread.however it has lead me to confusion.

my concern is,i really am stuck in deciding for which CPU in particular to go for,between "AMD Phenom 2 X4 quad core 955 black edition" and the "Intel Core i7 920".funding is not a limiting factor.

1 question i have in mind.after reading so many posts,looking at test results from varies websites and coupled together with varies posts all over etc,i still am not sure with a definite answer and stuck to come to a final conclusion. :whistle:

question 1.out of these 2 processors,which one tends to consume less energy as an overall? i usually use my PC for like 11 hours a day and it's on most of the time. the reason i ask this question is because i want to save on my electricity bill as much as possible! as i hear both these cpu's wastes a great deal amount of electricity although not sure consumes less as there are mixed opinions all over.some say when the AMD phenom reaches even a slightest "overclocking" mode,it becomes a power excuse me for the language as it was stated by someone else somewhere here on thread.

at the same time,despite the claims from intel in regards to the i7 is "energy saver" online test results contradicts other words,the intel i7 consumes more power and as a result more energy=higher electricity bill. the walts between these 2 are they really great im wondering,as it may add up through time if it's say my pc is on 11-13 hours a day=higher electricity bill compared to the AMD phenom? what would be the actual £ difference between these two CPU's? as i live in the UK. for example if my computer was on and i receive an electricity bill for an amount of £150,how much the difference would be for using an AMD Phenom CPU.if it's say a bill £130 for the sake of exaggeration.that's not a great amount of difference.i ask this question because there will be 3 users in the house and 2 of these machines will be powerful while the other being a laptop.and since im not really rich and fear my bills because they come in huge amounts,upgrading my pc would have a big impact on my electricity bill.and this will depend on the choice i make between hardware changes.

i use my computer mainly for online games,browsing,music,extracting/zipping,and watching movies.but i am consider to get into games these days as well.i graduated and have experience in 3D Digital Animation so im familar with 3D applications for modelling and rendering,animation such as 3d studio max,combustion,adboe premiere,adobe photoshop etc..

sorry for such long post,but since this is important for me since the new upgraded computer will last me for years to come, i would greatly appreciate it if i could get a response from a highly real world experienced Engineers/Computer Geeks/Professionals etc rather than some who give opinions not based on facts,experiences and real world test results.

so bottom line which CPU between the 2. AMD Phenom 2 X4 955 black edition or the Intel corei7-920? baring in mind that i am into silent computers.i cannot whatsoever tolerate PC noise!. i like to run my machine with powerful components with as much silence as possible while at the same time trying to save on electricity bill as much as possible! =}

i want to get the best possbile motherboard for either of these 2 CPU's.i have Asus make in mind as they seem to be energy saver friendly.or at least that's the current claim over these boards etc.and about the ram,so much debate as to which one better DDR2 or DD3.well if there isn't much performance difference between these 2 rams, im opting for the DDR2.but i purchased the thermaltake MaxOrb Ex (orange copper fins) which may have issues with trying to fit DDR3 rams like corsair dominator ones which have heatsinks attached to this true since i haven't really experimented with this yet?.

also one final question.i promise this will be the last..hehe..want to get a good silent case with silent fans to give my new machine a good amount of air cooling.possible with side windowed onses.any suggestions.

i really do appreciate for those,whoever may read this such long post and reply to it accordingly,your wisdom based on real world facts and experience in regards to hardware, will give me the knowledge to make the best possible choice for my new system.thank you :bounce:
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  1. sorry some typing errors.i meant to say i purchased the maxorb Ex cpu cooler.would this cause an issue to fit DDR3 rams on motherboard if i opt for corsair dominator with heatsinks attached to them? thank you =}
  2. Too much text!

    Go with a core i5 platform
  3. i know! lol.apologies but i wanted it to be as much technical as it can, in relation to what i wanted it for and not having to ask other hardware related questions on seperate thread and posts.

    may i ask why exactly u suggesting the core i5? saves more energy compared to others and outperforms the AMD phenom 2 X4 955?if so what's the difference between these CPU's and the corei7 in terms of energy consuming and performance? percentage wise % perhaps. thanks :sol:

    in the meantime i will continue to look at test results in varies sites.i would appreciate on top if anyone could send me these links to show these test results.
  4. ok im opting for the intel i5 platform.2/3 problems.i cannot seem to find the best silent cpu socket 1156 cooler for it and an excellent energy effient powerful Mobo.any suggestions?

    i have the Asus P7P55D LE, P7P55D Deluxe, P7P55D Premium in mind.what are you inputs as to which Mobo would go best? although the last one suggested the P7P55D Premium is way to overpriced (more expensive than the i5 cpu itself!) i am more than willing to pay as long as it meets my needs,and one that may last me for few years to come.
  5. You're probably better off posting this in the homebuilt / new build forum than this one. It's more what you're asking and very active.
  6. ok sure.will do .thanks =}
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