Can someone recommend good card!

OK I have a Dell XPS a few years old.
I updated my nvida video card and cant get sound using HDMI on my TV. I need to hook up a cable to my mother board. But my mother board doesnt have connection. So I looking for a good video card that does HDMI and sound without extra connections. Can someone please let me know what card you use and works well! thanks for any help folks!
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  1. the ATI 4350 or 4550 can but neither is a great gaming card if that is important to you
  2. I dont game at this point but I played wow and both everquest in the past so I like the option of being a good gaming card as well!
  3. for $100 the 4830 w/built in HDMI

    for $70 the 4670 w/built in HDMI

    either one can handle WoW
  4. Hey thanks for the info! do you know if these both have audio using the hdmi cable only? thanks
  5. yes they do, hence the recommendation
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