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My Gaming System not working, need some help. specs inside

BIOS Version X58 Extreme6 P1.10
Intel i7 950 @ 3.07GHZ (64bit)
Processor speed 3066MHz
Total Memory: 12GB (Tripple-Channel memory Mode (6 slots filled with this)
2048MB/533MHz DDR3_1066

The system will just get to the restore point, boot menu and just keep rebooting, no safe mode, or recovery mode..

I am currently making a Image of the system if so before somebody can help me, please..

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  1. Remove the RAM, reset the BIOS install the RAM again and try to boot up.
  2. Ok I will do this, does the RAM have to go back in the same slots, 6 slots filled so I don't wanna mix it up, and also the BIOS has a lot of overclocking menus all through it, but I believe since it is only @ 3.7Ghz that it is probably not even overclocked at all..

    Please just confirm that this is fine to do and can I back up somehow the BIOS in case, I had a friend go through the BIOS and not all sure what was done.. Currently I am using Ghost image on a UBCD to back up the HDD
  3. You know what, I realized this now, I should have earlier but the HDD are failing, or at least the partition is. -1mb error on total size and available -1mb.

    I am taking out the two physical drives, going to connect them to another machine using a usb adapter to try and see if I can get them up to rule this out...

    with this new information, would you still say it is memory or BIOS related, I feel it is not but I am no expert.
  4. Try the HD thing, can give you some new information.
  5. I had ran chkdsk c: /r "failed @ 45% 4/5" However I was able to see the HDD now, btw I did swap the sata cables too. Not sure if I said this but it is setup as RAID 0.

    Ghost would not image, would fail after the chkdsk would fail and would want me to flush the log or run chkdsk again. However I forced ghost to make image and now I am at 25% complete right now. This is a good thing at least since I could not do anything with Ghost before.

    That is where I am at, I am making the Ghost Image off a UBCD.

    Above is all current, as for the USB connect to the HDD, well that failed and just didn't work and didn't continue with it since the raid 0 config, I didn't see relevance in this to continue and waste time.
  6. would like to say this now, I don't wanna waste your time. Ghost failed where chkdsk failed on Sector 18949968 Drive 0, MFT is failing, MFT is bad, drives need replacing, at least I only have 20GB on 2TB right now so I am doing a manual backup and will have to just manually reinstall everything :/ again..

    I am going to go and buy two more 1TB drives and instead of doing Raid 0, I will do RAID 1, I know enough that this is not fixable as it sits right now.

    Thank you though. You can close this thread.
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    Or you can go with the both 1TB drives as independent drives and schedule a back up every week with OS tools or manually.
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