Check my build please!

Hey everyone I'm trying to build a system for around 800 dollars. I've got most of my parts picked out I just need someone with more experience to check this over for me. The main thing I want checked is the mother board. I'm not sure if that's the best deal out there. I also need suggestions for a case and power supply. My last computer died on me because of power supply issues so I want to have ample power for the build.

The build:

Processor = AMD Phenom II X4 945 -
(Looking to stick with this)

Mobo = MSI 790x - GD70 -
(Best option ?)

RAM = pqi 6gb (3 x 2gb) RAM -
(Trying to get the most power for the least price.. Should I switch to 8gbs total?)

Video Card = XFX HD-485X -
(Open to changing just thought the price and speed of this card were nice..)

Hard Drive = Seagate 250gb Hard Drive -
(Could use some help here I don't need anything more than 300 Gigs but I'm not entirely sure how to tell if a hard drive is good or not..)

CD/DVD = Samsung CD/DVD drive -
(Not sure if this is the best option, I'm looking for low cost high performance)

Case - ?

Power Supply - ?

Thanks in advanced for the help! Are there any other parts I need to make my computer (wires, tools??)
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  1. Your 790FX choice is not good bang for the buck. The small increase in crossfire could be more than made up by going with the faster processor instead.

    X4 955:

    790GX board:

    Next up, you bought triple channel RAM. That's for Intel builds. AMD boards use dual channel.
    Your CPU will really just run these at 1333, but the price is right and you may need the speed in a later build. And no, you only need 4GB.

    4870s are the best bang for the buck in crossfire builds currently I think. Especially when starting with one:

    This would be your better HD choice:

    DVD is fine.

    How much do you have left for the case and PSU?
  2. Wow glad I asked for help :D. Two things 1. I'm not crazy about that mobo it got some bad reviews... are you sure that's my best choice? and 2. 245 left for mobo + PSU and Case but I can go over by about 50 dollars top
  3. Unfortunately thats the problem with user reviews on newegg, the vast majority of users are morons who fail to do their research first. Proximon knows his stuff and looking through some of those 1 egg reviews it was early on when the bios did not support some of the AM3 processors, and people trying to put AM2+ processors in the AM3 socket.

    As for the case and PSU if we assume 130 is taken for the motherboard then you need a case and PSU for ~105?

    Should provide the power and the air flow you need for your system but you might want to get another fan if you are doing multiple graphics cards later
  4. Thanks for the help! One last question would this combo be better? From the stuff I found the board is nicer (i'm very new to this though). I'm not sure about the graphics card either. The card he listed is DDR5 I didnt think that mobo supported that? maybe I;m being stupid..
  5. The memory on the graphics card isnt affected by the memory types supported by the motherboard, as long as the motherboard has the right slot and the power supply can power it the graphics card will work.

    Which combo? the one i posted or a different one?
  6. Whoops I forgot to link to the combo :D sorry about that!

    I heard this mobo was better...I'll just let you look at it.
  7. It is a better motherboard however it is a weaker graphics card and wont exhaust heat out of the case like the 4870 that Proximon linked and the difference between a 4850 and a 4870 is alot more than the difference in performance between the 790FX and 790GX chipsets.
  8. Okay thanks for all the help!
  9. NP :) Because I have a good amount of experience building and troubleshooting, I see newegg motherboard reviews a bit differently. I can often tell by the review that the fault was with the user.

    You can pretty much count on any Asus "-E" type board to be a good one, at least relatively for it's chipset.

    DDR3 is new to AMD builds, and so it has been a bit rocky at the start as well, as Hunter has brought up. It's a huge discount on that combo and you'll have newegg support should there be a problem and you need to return it.

    Edit: ooops ya the big discount is with the X3 720 :p
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