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I have the Asus P7P55D motherboard and the G.SKILL 4GB(2x2) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 and the sticks of RAM do not seem like they want to be seated. They should be easily pushed into the slots but i've been using some considerable force and they still dont want to fit. Should i just push harder(i've be afraid of pushing too hard that I might break the board). Has anyone else had this problem? I swear if i had another millimeter of space i'd be able to fit it. ASUS seems to think its G.SKILLS fault and G.SKILL thinks that ASUS sent a board that didnt have big enough slots.....any help would be appreciated.
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  1. First, check to make sure the notch is line up and both clips are open (pushed out horizontally to the sides). Then, line up the module and push down lightly on both sides. Then, push down more on one side, alternate, repeat (like a rocking motion), until the module is fully in place and the clips return almost fully upright (you may have to push the clips in the last little bit). It will take some force, but it shouldn't be on th verge of breaking.
  2. they only have clips on one side(which i found to be a horrible design by their engineers) and a light push doesnt seem to do the trick, i know i have it lined up correctly but the notches have to line up just doesnt seem to want to go down. I can get one side to go down and lock but can not get the other to lock in also. Its annoying that this is keeping me from Posting
  3. Clips on only one side? I've never seen that before.
  4. yeah, its a new design on soem newer asus p55 boards. sounds like a good idea, but since ive never used it i have no clue if its really good
  5. Well regardless, memory slots seem like a really difficult thing to manufacture wrong. Triple check for no bent pins in the slot try both modules and try all four slots.
  6. i finally got it. i had to clip in the one side and really push and i mean really push on the other for it to clip in. Seriously if they had given me another half a millimeter it would have slid in perfectly. I guess i was too cautious on the hardware since i didnt want all that money going down the drain
  7. Well, glad you got it working. I have had CPU coolers (AM3) where I really had to push hard on the thing. Amazing how much force these electrical parts can take.
  8. glad u got it!
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