Buying Western Digital HDD off NewEgg and bringing back to UK?


Im thinking of purchasing a Western Digital HDD off NewEgg and getting it sent to my temporary American Residence when I go over there.

This one to be precise:

The reviews are making me a bit nervous but its a great deal.
Does anyone know if I bring this back to the UK, will Western Digital honour the guarantee if something goes on?

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  1. If something goes wrong, you will need return it to newegg for warranty and not to WD.
  2. You will have to return it to Newegg yes, but WD is one of the best IMO and if you keep it cool you wont have any problems and since you live in the UK i dont think that would be a problem :) Just make sure it doesnt go above 45c, if needed install a 120mm fan, mine havent went above 38c with a Scythe "SLIP STREAM" [ 1200rpm, 68.54CFM.24.00 dBA ]. If you dont have a hard drive monitoring program, use HWmonitor.
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