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Just ordered parts for an HTPC that my family is building for dad's day - here are the specs:

AMD Opteron 1354 Budapest quad-core 75w

Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H

Xigmatek EP-CD901 R CPU cooler

2x1GB A-Data DDR2-800

SeaSonic SS-330GB 330w PSU

SilverStone Sugo m-ATX case

WD Green WD10EADS 1TB hard drive

LG GGC-H2OL Blu-Ray/HD-DVD player

Link Depot HDMI-15-1.3R 15' HDMI cable

Everything's from Newegg - the total w/ shipping came out to ~$551.

If you've got any suggestions, feel free to comment - but I'm not really looking to save money, if that's where suggestions would be coming from. I'd rather not sacrifice the quality and warranties that are offered with the aforementioned parts (I've used most of the brands and specific parts up there and have been very happy with all of them).

The quad might be overkill, but it was $75. I won't be overclocking, so I have little doubt that it will outperform similarly-priced duals in regards to multitasking and encoding.

But here's my question - is this Opteron compatible with this board? I didn't see it listed on the expressed compatibility list on Gigabyte's website. I ordered it under the assumption that it possessed the same core as a Phenom X4 9550.

Has anyone used this chip in a similar build, or with another Gigabyte board?

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  1. I don't know, but I have heard the same as you, that if it will support the Phenom it will run that one.

    I know this fellow with a Foxconn 760G got a Budapest working, apparently. It's the latest review:
  2. ummmm? Why an Opteron?

    Actually, it seems you have a few odd choices. I assume you have your reasons though.
  3. It's not a bad processor. Probably a good buy if you need a really cheap quad.... although probably at 75 bucks you could get an E5300 or such and it would run circles around it, even in encoding.
  4. Yes i think Proximon has hit the nail on the head Opterons are designed for servers and generally run for long periods at low clock speeds which keeps them stable but they are not much good for running heavy duty apps.

    Thats a great price but like Proxi says, you can get an Intel E5200 for the same price that will eat it for breakfast.

    A rule of thumb that i use when building machines for other people is : unless theyve been specific about what they want, always build a machine with as much muscle as the budget will allow.
  5. Dump the Opteron, as others have suggested. If you are buying a retail processor, you don't really need the cooler either. AMD stock coolers are actually quite good, especially if you are not overclocking. I like the rest.
  6. I think I was more going off of my own previous experience - I've got a quad, and prefer it to any dual I've ever used (multi-tasking has always been a big deal to me). Loading times might be a bit slower, but isn't it a fact that a quad will always win out in regards to multi-tasking?

    I would not have gone Intel in any case. The AMD board that I ended up with decided this for me. I'll check out the Tom's review on the new Athlon 250...
  7. The very best deal on a processor is the X3 720, here in the US. Even though the price has climbed a bit due to popularity.
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