Something is Overheating (Causing Immediate Shut Downs)

My bios is not giving me any errors in its log, so I can't figure out why my computer shuts down randomly (or some times repeatedly).

I'm thinking either I have a power supply issue, or something is overeheating.

Why do I think power supply? Well, I've noticed that I don't shut down as often (and can boot up my computer successfully after a shutdown) when I have the power disconnected from my two DVD drives.

But I'm still lost on the actual issue, and have decided to screen capture what CPUID Hardware Monitor says about my hardware temps and voltage

Now, the only thing i have running is Firefox in Windows XP. with only one window open to Tom's Hadware.

Anything look too high? I need to get to the bottom of this, as it has begun to effect my work.

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  1. System specs?

    Your idle temps seem really high - especially if you are running at stock speeds.
  2. Take the graphic card out, remove the shroud and clean out the HSF then see if your idle GPU temps go down to the mid 40's or so.
  3. Whoops. I missed the graphics card. :( That looks to the biggest problem.

    But CPU core temps are still too high.

    Dirty case? Poor airflow? Loose heatsinks?
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to get some dusters today and try clearing out he machine.

    I got rivatuner and boosted the fan speed to 100%. Now the card idles at about 62 Celsius and pretty quickly goes up to about 68 celsius if I open firefox and go on the web.

    I have 4GB ram, intel board, nothing overclocked.

  5. jsc said:
    Whoops. I missed the graphics card. :( That looks to the biggest problem.

    But CPU core temps are still too high.

    Dirty case? Poor airflow? Loose heatsinks?

    The higher than normal CPU temp may just be as a result of the rise in ambient temp induced by the GPU, which in the majority of cases will be directly under the CPU's HSF.
  6. Alright, I changed the fan speed and have cleaned out my computer to increase airflow.

    The result, it worked great for the GPU. Now it sits at 61 celsius during idle instead of 80.

    So improved there. The CPU cores, on the other hand, are sitll hot.

    Idling around 60 degrees celsius. I have my hardware monitor open, and it shocked me to see the cores spike real quick to about 73 degrees celsius in a second and then come back down to 60 again.

    Why is the cpu not remaining cool?

  7. Take off your CPU cooler, clean off existing thermal product and re-apply and re-seat the cooler - sounds like it's been dislodged or something.
  8. The CPU core temps are comparable with my Q9550 so I don't see a big problem there, try running it for a bit to see whether it has stopped with the sudden shut-downs or not.
  9. Just for the record, I'm thinking it's a power supply issue, as my computer still takes a few tries to start up completely and it still shuts down. I've never seen the CPU temp get too high before it does, so, if it is overheating, it must be spiking in a second.

    Another issue is, when the computer does heat up, the fan on it does NOT speed up. Well, maybe an increase of 100 RPM, but that's pretty weak I'm assuming.

    So, it looks like my shutdowns are more random. Sometimes when I have a lot of stuff open, sometimes when I have nothing open.

    I've cleaned and dusted everything. The GPU is cooler, which is nice, but there is still an issue.

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    take off the cpu cooler clean off the crap on it and on cpu..

    apply arctic silver 5(or your favorite) according to direction

    reinstall cooler... enjoy much lower temps..

    If you have a cheezeball brand power supply (or not) that could be the issue too.
  11. Ok, I may be able to close this soon. I got a new power supply. I had an Antec 450W that they think was having voltage issues. So now I have a 650W to takes its place.

    Had for less than 24 hours, so can't say for sure yet, but I noticed that my computer is cooler all of a sudden. All four cores at 46 degrees celsius, and the max jumps go to 56 degrees instead of 73. I don't know how a new power supply could be causing this, but it is definitely cooler than before.

    After cleaning GPU that still remains at about 55 degrees celsius. I'll check back in in a couple days and let you know if everything is still running.

  12. The new Power Supply seems to have solved it, so I'm thinking it was a voltage issue. Haven't had a shutdown since.

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