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Alright I am having some trouble with one of my hard drives. The computer it is in is just a storage computer really it has 4 drives in it. 1 500gb system drive and 3 1.5tb storage drives. I didnt notice when it started but today I was transferring some files around and noticed a problem.

Drives 2 - 4 are my 1.5tbs

When transferrings from Drive 2 to Drive 3 my average speed was around 60-80MB/s which is normal some when transferring files from Drive 2 to Drive 4 or Drive 3 to Drive 4 and vice versa.

I start running into troubles when Drive 3 or 4 starts to transfer to Drive 2. Instead of the 60-80mb/s I am now getting 5-8mb/s.

What would cause this drive to write so slowly but not alter its ability to transfer to other drives? Could the drive be failing or maybe cable problems?

I ran HDTune on all 3 of the 1.5tb drives and they all benchmarked very similar. They are all defrag'd every week and I ran the error-checking thing from windows and it came up with nothing.

Thanks for the help ahead of time

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  1. The drive speed will slow down quite a lot if there is activity from other programs going on at the same time on that drive, or if you are transferring a lot of little files (as opposed to a few large files).
  2. I would try swapping ports to see if that makes a difference.

    Also, check in device manager to see if UDMA is enabled or not.

    Also, have you installed correctly all chipset drivers?
  3. I believe all the chipset drivers are correct I dont understand why 2 of the hard drives would work fine and the other wouldnt if they were not.

    File wise I am transferring the same amount and size of files between the drives and they all perform the same except for when drive 2 is being transferred to.

    Drive 2 like I said seems to work fine transferring files to the other drives but when those two transfer to drive 2 it slows down to a stand still.

    All 3 of the storage drives have no programs or anything installed on them just storage of videos.

    I will check the UDMA suggestion I will also try and switch out the SATA cable and try and plug it into a different port. Hopefully its not the port because I do not have any extra ports.
  4. It may be the case that some of your drives are sitting on a different controller. Usually 4 SATA ports on the motherboard will be handled by the onboard Intel controller and another 2 SATA will be handled by a 3rd party (usually Highpoint). Hence if the Highpoint drivers for example where not installed properly, or were corrupted, you would experience weird performance results.
  5. Ah ok that make sense. On this computers setup it actually only has 4 ports on it because its a small micro atx board. I did switch ports though and the hard drive is still acting the same I also switch out the cable which didnt help either.

    I am thinking it has to be the drive at this point I dont have much else to check..
  6. Sounds like it. Download the drive manufacturer's drive test utility (from their website) and run an extended test and see what that comes back with.
  7. It seems unlikely but it might be worth running a utility to report the drive's SMART counters (such as "DiskCheckup"). If you find protocol or media errors that could be causing slowdowns.
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