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Thought this might belong in General Homebuilt, but I'm not sure, if it does just tell me.

Anyway, it appears my SB is extremely hot, becuase of how big my GPU's are there is no way I can get an aftermarket cooler there. But I would assume having better heat managment on my GPU's would drop the SB tempts a bit since they are almost literally touching.

Anyway, I have 2 260's and I was looking for possibly a Zalman (since I've always used them for CPU's and they seem to be good, if they arn't let me know, my CPU does run VERY hot).

It seems on newegg some of the Zalman's just put "VGA Combatability" so I'm not sure if they fit the 260's? And I was also planning on selling my 260's and geting a GTX 3XX whene ver they come out, whats the possibiliyt that I can use the ones I buy for the 260 on the 300?

Just curious, thanks a lot guys.
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  1. I have an i7 920 using a Rampage board and a GTX 260-216, so I'm familiar with the heat problems. The Zalman is not going to cool good enough for this CPU. You'll need something more on the lines of a TRUE with two fans (which I presently have), a Noctua with two fans, or a Coolermaster V8 to deal with the heat. If the money is available and it will fit with your ram, the Coolermaster V10 is even better.

    I use an Antec 1200 case and have enough airflow through it that the south bridge has not shown a heating problem, so you might need to simply add a fan or get fans that move more air to cool you SB. As to the thought of using coolers designed for the 260s on a 300 series card, they might work or they might not. No one will know for sure until the 300s come out. At the same time, supposedly the 300s will have some differences, so the odds are that the coolers for a 260 won't work for a 300, but for now, its anybody's guess.

    All this reflects my experience with the i7 920 and others might have different results.
  2. Thanks a lot .. Ill look into those CPU things, I guess I'll just wait on the GPU coolers for a bit, I have only gotten that error once.. so I don't know.
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