2005 toyota highlander will not start no ignition battery is good, Fob works

I have been working on my wife's 05' highlander for the past week. fixed the heater issue by replacing the wires on the circuit board, then was going to install a hands free bluetooth system (older model) that was to be wired into power, and an ignition signal. I gave up after a whole day of trying to decipher the wiring diagrams to find a location to splice in the three wires necessary. The only thing that I did electrically was to unbolt the fuse panel in the lower dash in an attempt to get to the back. After I gave up, I re-attached it, put all parts and pieces of the dash back together, including the climate control and radio areas. Went to start the car and NOTHING. Key turns, all lights light up, but not ignition. the battery is putting out correct voltage and I checked all obvious fuses. Is there something I missed? Does the highlander have some sort of kill switch that engages after somebody messes with the radio? I give up. Nothing was disconnected, but something could have been jarred loose during the re-install. the key fob locks, and unlocks the doors. I read that the chip in the key could go bad, and that would prevent the car from starting. unfortunately, it is the only key I have. (The wife lives 150 miles away) Please help. It must be something obvious, or something that I overlooked. Thanks
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  1. It doesn't sound like the key is the issue. Most new vehicles stereos are hooked up through the canbus setup. Did you disconnect or try to splice any wires going to the stereo? If I were you I retrace anything I'd have done. This could be something as simple as a connector not completely connected or a rubbed or pinched wire.
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