How Often to Backup server System States

I have two DC network without about 150 end users.

How often should I be backing up the System State of my Domain Controller and is a simple NTBackup sufficient or should I use a third party?


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  1. At work, we do a system state backup of most of our servers monthly. If it's your Domain Controller that holds the FSMO roles, I would say that you'd want it monthly.

    I like having a block level backup (even Ghost, Acronis, or others software) will do.

    How are you backing up the rest of your servers?
  2. It varies but most of my servers do a full System State and all change data nightly . They go to a local Storage Server and then offsite. As for the DC's I was doing NTbackup nightly and then copying the backup nightly to a NAS with EASEUSE TOTAL BACKUP.

    All servers are cloned to the NAS monthly and all change data backedup nightly. Then I backup the NAS data to Hard drives that go offsite weekly.

    My high priority client data is backed-up with Evault/i365.
  3. huron said:
    If it's your Domain Controller that holds the FSMO roles, I would say that you'd want it monthly.

    What else would be holding the FSMO roles? :D FSMO roles are only on DCs.
  4. You can have multiple domain controllers and distribute the FSMO roles. In our company, most of our DCs are not FSMO role holders.
  5. I read your statement over and I see where your wording made me think otherwise.

    Only 5 FSMO roles exist, so if you have more than 10 DCs, most would not be FSMO holders anyhow.
  6. No worries...that's the situation where we work. Many smaller offices, so multiple domain controllers, most of which are non FSMO holders.

    Just making sure the OP takes that into account.
  7. Fletch,
    I think your backing rotation for 150 users is suitable, just be sure to double check that the back ups have been completed successfully after updates, Depending on your OS's build backups can have a fit in conflict with updates.
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