Memory not running at proper speed?

This is driving me nuts.

Phenon II, 955, Black edition
Asus M4A785TD-M EVO
2x2gb Patriot PC3-12800, 1600mhz memory.

CPU-z says:

Channels = Dual Channel
NB Frequence = 2008 mhz
Dram Frequency is 535.7mhz

SPD Slot 1
Module: 2048mbytes
Max Bandwidth: PC3-8500F (533mhz)
Part #: 1600EL series

Jedec #1
Jedec #2
533 mhz

Slot 2 is the same as slot 1

mothrboard says it supports DDR3 up to 1800mhz O.C, but all the numbers below that it says without OC. So I don tknow why the memory isn't working at, at least 800mhz?

something im suppose to do in the ASUS mobo settings? Everything under Jumper Free configuration is on Auto.

Main Page of CPU-Z
Core speed = 800 mhz (it down scales)
multiplrer x 4
bus speed 200mhz
HT link 2000mhz

this is just frustration because 533 means 1066 effective, feel like im not getting the max performance for what i payed for? Even though I dont think i would feel the difference, i want it to show me the correct numbesr though!
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  1. okay, i went into the bios and changed the memory clock mode from AUTO to Manual and set it at 667mhz.

    cpuz shows the new dram frequency
    FSB:DRAM 3:10

    is it safe to up this to 800?

    However, in the SPD section under Slot 1 and 2 itss howing the same info from above regarding jedec.

    oh btw, jedec 2
  2. 29 views, no one knows?
  3. Yes, the memory is rated for 1600mhz so thats ok, since you have to enter these manualy you also need the latencies per patriot for the modules. I would have thought you would see more info than just the two jedec values you listed. These would have been described as EPP or Extended profiles with their values.
    Also does not your bios have an offer in memory page with the language EPP timings and EPP voltage automated. This won't be much value if the info wasn't programed to the spd area of the memory though, cpu-z should tell you. The 800 is ok, you need the latencies and the voltage as listed by patriot. The 1800mhz overclock would be useful only if your going to overclock using the fsb, normally with chips known to reach this value, or rated for that.
  4. hey thanks for your response.

    This is what ive done at the moment
    The values for my memory according to patriot are
    9-9-9-24 and 1.8volts

    I went into the bios and changed the frequency to 800mhz. the first time ididn't change the timings and it auto set it, but the timings were really bad. was something like >10 for each and then >30 for the last one.

    but then i went back in to se tthe timings my self:
    ok for the memory timings this didn't really make snese. When I changed from AUTO, the other options it gave me were:

    JCT 0
    JCT 1

    I selected both.

    I set it to 9-9-9-24, and then changed my voltage to the 1.80000.

    CPU-z says:

    800 mhz
    1:4 dram to fsb
    9-9-9-24 and for the bank cycle time it says 41clocks. CR 1T

    BUT Spd is unchanged.

    edit i changed the bank cycle time to 36 clocks.

    cant find anything for epp, or those other settings youre talking about. :(


    jct = dct in bios configuration. my mistake.
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