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Guys, I’m having some serious issues with my PC. This appeared 2 weeks ago and now it happens frequently. When I turn it on it gets powered up but the PC won’t boot, there’s no response. The monitor shows nothing, totally blank and the mouse or keyboard doesn’t work too. No beeps. But all the fans & HDDs are working (HDD LED and fan speeds are really static). The other thing is that I cannot switch it off from the power button (not even the reset button is working) so I have to turn it off directly from the UPS.

When I turn it on & off like this a few times it changes this behavior and starts to turn itself off automatically as soon as it is turned on. But after a few tries, eventually the PC boots with a music like 4-beeps (long-short-long-short). Then it shows an error message saying ‘Processor Thermal Trip Error’ and continues to Windows. Sometimes the PC turns itself off one more time after showing that error message and then automatically restarts in a few seconds, after that the usual boot process will happen.

If I can get to work it once then the PC runs with no problems. Can play games for hours, no crashes, no blue screens or no restarts! Also I can shut down and turn it on as usual in the rest of the day. Sleep works too. But on the next day (or after keeping the PC turned off for a long time) it will start playing weird again when I turn it on.

I tried booting only with the CPU, mobo & memory but the problem still exists. Changing the memory sticks didn’t work either. So I have to keep pushing the power button a hundred times to boot my PC. Now I’m writing this from the same PC. Had to do the same thing in the morning. I don’t think it’s good for the system at all. I believe it’s something bad with the CPU or mobo or could be the PSU too but I’m confused with this Proc. Thermal Trip Error. Anybody has any idea what’s going on?

• Intel G31PR
• Core 2 Duo E7500 (2.93 Ghz, 3MB)
• 3GB DDR2
• Foxconn 9800GT
• 500W PSU (not a well recognized brand)
• Windows 7 32-bit

All temperatures are OK, nothing has been overclocked. Only 3months old except my PSU.
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  1. maybe your cpu is bad? do you have a different cpu around that you could try? what do mean when you wrote only 3 months old except for PSU?
  2. You need to start with the PSU, borrow someone elses for an hour.
  3. All my hardware is just 3 months old. But I didn't buy a new PSU, just fixed my old one. And for the last 3 months I had no problems.

    That message I get isn't actually an error message, today I noted. It says 'Warning : Processor Thermal Trip'.

    I don't have a different CPU to test but I'll try to find a PSU. It's very hard to test where the problem is cuz this is really unpredictable. Today I could boot the PC in the second time I tried. !?!
  4. you fixed your psu? exactly what did you do? fix a dead capacitor or something? if you did, maybe it bulged or another one did?
  5. i knowe the psu has nothing to do wiht the cpu but maybe its putting too much voltage or too little on th ecpu ot a thermal sensor?
  6. No, I didn't do anything with the PSU. I meant that I just used the old machines' one without buying a new one. As you said I think there's something to do with this thermal 'thing'. I'm waiting for a new PSU to check it out.
  7. I found a new way. If I keep the PC running for a while (5-10 mins) despite it's not responding, it will start on the 2nd attempt without any errors!

    Guys do you think it's OK to keep the PC sleep, when I'm not using it, until I resolve this problem at least? That's the only way I can keep this thing working.
  8. why not ok?
  9. A new PSU didn't work... :( :( :(
  10. are there any bulging/;eaking capacitors on the mobo
  11. Hey guys sorry for the so late reply. It took more than a week to find the problem, even for the people at the place where I bought my PC. It was the mobo, yup! Thanks for the help.
  12. Sorry, but what is a mobo?

    I'm getting the same error on my server. Warning: Processor Thermal Trip

    Thanks / Ulrik
  13. motherboard.
  14. I have the same problem too. When it happen I remove my CMOS battery and
    power on the PC .Many time It works. My MB =G31pr (Intel)
    CPU =Dual core 2.0 (intel)
    After the problem I get New Bother boad . Its also G31pr and I still Have same problem !!
    I think problem is in PSU ..!!
  15. In my case it was the motherboard... Since the mobo was changed the problem got solved! PSU still works fine (now in a different system though)... :)
  16. Add to that : I have the same CPU & memory sticks running without any problems... No Processor Thermal Trip warnings... :)
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