Looking for 24" 16:9 monitor for PC/Console gaming

Hello there,

Can anyone recommend an excellent monitor (16:9 ratio) that is 24" or above in size and comes with built in speakers?

Thanks very much.
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  1. Check out Xbitlabs, they have reviews on quite a few monitors.
  2. Here's what i just got and it works pretty well.

    http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11336769&whse=BC&Ne=5000001+4000000&eCat=BC|84|1680&N=4018599 4294910501&Mo=0&No=0&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&topnav=

    I use the HDMI input. The built in speakers also works well( I dont use it).

    If you prefer new egg
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