EVGA 9600GT 512MB performing at lower than advertised speeds


I recently bought the aforementioned card along with 4GB of ram. After installing, I realised that my performance (in games) had degraded, compared to my old card (8600GT). I put this off because i figured it was my computer that was stuffing up, however, my friend told me to get GPU-Z to monitor my graphics card, and I discovered that my GPU core clock speed is at 300MHz, and my GPU memory clock speed is at 100MHz. This is way below the advertised speeds of 600 and 900 respectively. I was then told to install eVGA precision, which I did. eVGA Precision reported the same speeds (300 and 100MHz) and my shader clock is being shown at 600MHz (the default was supposed to be 1500MHz.) . When I try to adjust the slider to increase the speed, the values do not change, I was only able to manipulate the fan speeds.
I'm trying my best to understand here, but my research (on google) has not shown any promising leads as to what might cause this. Could it be a defective card? or is something else doing this. (My PCI-e slot is working at x16).

Any advice would be welcome.
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    I would return it.
  2. Could be a counterfait card.
    Labeled 9600GT, but an inferior card made to look exactly like that.
    They might have modified the bios also.
  3. what is the brand? can you try a bios flash on the videocard?
  4. Thanks for all the replies folks! I;ve figured out why the speeds are low, because those exact speeds are for the idle mode. Certain games launching (world of warcraft) will push the speeds back up when I launch it. However, the speeds do not always go up. Is there any way I can not have an idle mode? Because I seem to notice sometimes even in game I get stutters, and when I launch the monitoring tool, the clock speed has returned to its idle speed. Some games, when launched, don't push the clock speeds up. I have tried a clean driver reinstall to no avail. Any ideas?
  5. Glad you figured it out.
    You can do a bios modification with Nibitor. Make sure you read a lot before doing it.
    Make sure you save your present bios incase of problems.
    Better if you just overclock the card.

    How To Overclock Your Graphics Card


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