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Help! pc won't boot! No beeps! No display!

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September 20, 2009 2:37:58 PM


gigabyte ma770-ud3
amd athlon 6000+
geforce 8800 gts
corsair 520w
2 GB ddr kingston
hdd - 320+160 gb wd

so i turned on my pc, nothing happened. no power. checked the psu separately and it worked. eventually i figured out it was the motherboard, replaced it (with the one above).

now when i push the power button everything powers on, fans spinning, front panel and mobo lights work but there's no post beep and no display. no loose cables and everything is in place.

reset and power button don't do anything after the initial power up so the only way to turn the pc off is to turn of the psu. also, the keyboard has no lights.

tried taking out the memory sticks and putting them in one by one. tried a diffetrent psu,
reset cmos battery and jumper, nothing... :( 

can't check the graphics card and cpu since i don't have another pc or spare parts (only at a store)

any suggestions?

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September 20, 2009 11:47:46 PM

Does this motherboard have an onboard video ?
If it does , connect the monitor to that plug to see if you get anything on the screen
If you do than your video card may be bad or the motherboard is not recognizing or not compatible with your video card
If you don't get anything on the screen It sounds like the motherboard might be bad which may also explain why the power button is not shutting it down after holding it for more than 5 seconds
September 21, 2009 7:37:28 AM

no onboard graphics.
i'm going to check the graphics card and cpu today.
can the mobo go bad that fast? it's brand new.
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September 21, 2009 7:48:02 PM

1) from what i see the processor is compatible since the first bios update so thats ok
2) Hope you memory is DDR2 or it won't work (basically sould not fit)
Does the computer beeps without any memory in the slots ??

or without the video card ??

if not it's a motherboard / processor issue for sure

Are those all new components ? or there used one ?

September 22, 2009 8:45:26 AM

well, i took it to the shop. hope it comes back soon...

anyway, proccessor is compatible with the mobo
memory is ddr2
no beeps at all
mobo is brand new, all the rest - 3 years old
September 23, 2009 12:05:25 AM

Yes Motherboards do go bad. Biggest enemy is electrostatic discharge and that happens instantly . It can happen before shipping if it's handled too much without an anti static bag. It can happen during installation if you are working (walking) on the carpet and unfortunately (I was an eye witness) it can happen anytime after the installation in the winter time when the air is dry and you have a nice charge from getting up from a couch then touch the shiny plastic on button and zap there goes the motherboard
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September 23, 2009 12:30:35 AM

I've never killed a motherboard and I'm rough as guts.

If you have or can get another PSU try swapping that out.
AFAIK the ATX power off after 3 seconds relies on the motherboard and PSU, you've changed the motherboard, so now try the PSU, it might be partially working but not 100%. It's unlikely both motherboards were damaged in the exact same place causing the same problem, so I'd go with PSU first.