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Hey all. I am new to building computers, but pretty familiar with computers themselves. I am trying to build my own desktop specifically for gaming and performance. My budget is $1000. I want to be able to use this computer for years but be able to upgrade it quickly and easily if necessary. What parts would work best for running the newest games at the highest framerate? Somebody Help!
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  1. In the future please use this template, it makes it easier

    Do you have any parts that you intend to reuse, like a monitor or a mouse or keyboard? Also are you in the US or oversea's? Do you want to overclock anything?
  2. I am intending to reuse my mouse, but everything else I intend to be new. I also need, and did not mention, keyboard and monitor. I'm in the US and I'm not sure how safe overclocking is..... Once again, total n00b at building pc's
  3. I would recommend building AM2+. It will be considerably cheaper.
  4. Since you want to upgrade "quickly and easily" I think Hunter has given a pretty good build, but I would like to take my own stab at a more crossfire-ready system.

    I'll do it a bit differently. I'll make a strong base but you may end up upgrading the CPU a bit earlier:

    Case and PSU
    If you get a really good case and a really good PSU, you won't need to replace them for many years. The 550VX is a great PSU, but it limits what you can do too much.
    PC P&C 750W
    Cooler Master 690

    CPU and MB
    An X3 720 will be just fine to start. It comes in a combo deal with the above board, at a HUGE discount. I recommend you grab it before they figure out the error.
    X3 720 and Asus 790GX

    For 5 bucks more you can get some faster DDR3. This build won't use all the speed, but your next build might:
    OCZ 1600Mhz 4GB

    Get the HD referenced and an optical drive.

    Now let's get the top-ranked 22" gaming monitor...
    LG L227WTG-PF Black 22" 2ms Widescreen LCD Free shipping. Nice. I think we're about $800.

    Sapphire 4870 1GB

    There you go, you should come in right around 1K after shipping and before any rebates.
    You can take this build and plug in a future AM3 CPU. You are also completely ready to drop in a second 4870 1GB for some killer crossfire. The case has all the fans you need.

    You can also ditch the CPU cooler and get an aftermarket cooler:
    When you are ready to overclock.
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