Core i7 Extreme $1500 Gaming Rig

I thought it would be easier to just put it as a list, instead of making you read a wall of text =]
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  1. Wall o' text is preferable and more useful. What do you plan to do with this rig other than gaming? What is the resolution of the monitor you plan to use because 2 4890s will handle alot and is likely overkill.
  2. 1920x1200
  3. That is a good setup...And assuming you know about combo deals, make sure you get them...
    And for that resolution, a single HD 4890 would be suffice...And anyways you can add one more later in crossfire...
    If you have any Microcenter store near your area, then you can get the i7 920 for about $230 and they have only in-store pick-up...
  4. you have much more power than you'll need unless you decide to do a crossfire config. just fyi. 650watts should be fine for 4890
  5. ^ he's using two cards so 850w FTW.
  6. thanks hello world haha
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