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Hi, I am hoping that someone could help me out.

I have an external USB drive that is not recognized on 3 different computers (1 running Vista and 2 running XP). I tried plugging it in with the original enclosure and although it lights up & sounds fine my computer won't recognize it under My Computer or Disk Management. Actually my computer doesn't even ding when I plug it in. I removed the HD from the original external enclosure and put in in another one that I have (which I know works) and also different USB cables and get the same results. Is this drive dead? Any suggestions.

Thanks for your help,
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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks :)
  2. Does it make any sounds, like a faint beeping? Listen to it carefully. If it does you might need data recovery, if there was anything on it you really need.
  3. No,there are no sounds at all. It truly sounds like a normal drive when you plug it in. You can hear it spin up cleanly. No beeping, no rocking, no clicking.
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