What CPU cooler would fit w/ ASUS P5Q SE-R + 2x2gb PI SERIES?

Hey guys,
I'm thinking about overclocking a q9550 on this board. I have been looking for an aftermarket CPU cooler, but there are many issues with DIMM clearances since the PI SERIES have massive heatspreaders.

I've already ruled out the NH-D14 and mugen 2 rev b. I'm not sure if the megahalems would fit, but that isn't an option since it isn't available locally.

I'm thinking about the zalman cnps10x extreme, but I can't find much on clearances.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    The NH-D14 fit without problems, in the same way the thermalright silver arrow.
  2. thanks for the welcome. :)

    i took some measurements and i think the nh-d14 would be really tight (within a few mm of touching the ram). but that's without the second fan. i don't think i would be able shift the fan up because it might hit the case before clearing the ram. is this correct?

    i am using the CM 690 case, and i have about 165mm from the CPU to the side of the case (without the side fan).

    would you recommend any other cpu coolers which will fit with this ram?

    thanks again!
  3. You can see here: http://www.noctua.at/main.php?show=compatibility_gen&products_id=34&lng=en that you mobo and RAM aren't a problem, even, with dual fan.
  4. yeah i saw that the mobo is compatible, but the ram (g skill pi series) isn't..

    It also states this on the site:
    The NH-D14 is a big cooler that extends over the first RAM slots on most mainboards. The cooler offers sufficient clearance for all standard size memory modules, but you won’t be able to use memory modules higher than 44mm.

    The PI series are around 53mm in height.
  5. Did you saw the link that I post?
  6. yeah i did. i understand that the nh-d14 is compatible with the motherboard, but the ram won't fit under the 44mm clearance, since the non-detachable heatspreaders are much higher (~53mm height)

    the link you posted says:
    The cooler offers sufficient clearance for all standard size memory modules, but you won’t be able to use memory modules higher than 44mm

    and also on the ram compatibility page:

    it shows that the PI series ram isnt compatible.

    DDR2 G.Skill PI Series X

    i'm sorry if i am completely wrong, or have misinterpreted the information.

    after doing some research, I'm thinking of getting the Thermalright Archon since it has no memory clearance issues. i've checked the coolermaster site and it says that it will be able to fit. what do you think of this cooler?

    thanks for all your help so far. much appreciated!
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