Please help choose HD for gaming


I will build a SB pc in a couple of months. I would like to know what brand and which hd I should look for.

I will use the pc for gaming. Later I will use it for 2-D and 3-D making.
Gaming for now.

Which brand is good, Seagate, WD,Maxtor, Hitachi, etc ?
I will use 2 hds.

Are the raptors worth it?
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  1. The raptors are nice intermediate solution for quick access times. an SSD would be faster still but you would be limited on storage.

    I would recommend a raptor in the size you want, and a storage drive such as a 2TB as your second. And in the end, all brands of hard drives are about equal. They will all fail, and they can all fail in the first week, month, day, ...
  2. If you are mainly playing games for now a nice 60-80 ssd for a boot then a regular hdd for storage would do you justice. Windows will take about 20gb of space and will leave some room for a couple of games and programs.
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