Would this laptop be able to play Bioshock, etc on low-medium settings

Would this laptop be able to play most current generation games on low or even medium settings such as Bioshock, Cod4, etc?

-16.4 inch crystal display
-Nvidia Geforce 9500m GS 512MB video card
-Blu Ray / DVD Reader & Writer
- Intel Centrino Dual core 2.0Ghz processor
-4 Gb Ram
-320 Gb hard drive
-HDMI output on the side of the laptop

I know there is a laptop forum, but I'm guessing people on here would be more knowledgeable about whether or not this could play games.

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  1. test
  2. It might depending on what resolution your playing at.
  3. I cant test it yet, cuz I havent bought it, that's why I'm asking first. Would this lappy be able to play current generation games at any setting?
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