Thinkpad T41 error c000021a

I have a Thinkpad T-41 rev2668.
When it boots up It comes to a bluescreen code of C-000021a with a sub code: 0x80000007.

It saterted when the kid, force closed the PC, while powering down, in middle of MS updates.
(He will be running laps, till next Easter).

What Iv'e tried:

* system restore to pre Nov 18th. (failure date).
* Dr Watson.
* Boot to safe mode. (Will not let m eget to SF/Networking). this returns me to C error.

Does anyone have a good idea what to do here?
Thanks, Mike in Detroit.
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  1. If the error occurs during system startup, restart your computer, and press F8. At the resulting Windows Advanced Options menu, choose the Last Known Good Configuration option.

    This should work ^
  2. 51, Nyet.
    Yeah, been on that 1 too.

    I'm thinking xp disk. I have to get one. & give that a try.

    let me know if you know of an alternative.
  3. After some of theses update power off issues you might need to reinstall.
  4. well. reinstall is a bit short.
    I'm thinking MS xp. I'll try that.
    1 item I couldn't access is the PC's partion of the boot portion.
    instead of the old cd's they used to send with laptops.

    anyway,, more to follow.
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