Q's abt: Mediasonic 3.5"USB 3.0 & eSATA Pro 4-Bay Enclosure HF2-SU3S2

Does anyone have any experience with Mediasonic 3.5-Inch USB 3.0 and eSATA Pro Box 4-Bay Enclosure HF2-SU3S2 (Black)?

Specifically I am looking to see if anyone has positive things/knowledge about it?

I wrote them some questions - for example if 1 drive is active and the other 3 are not - will it power down the other 3 at any point (is it even possible) the answer was no - but it would slow down the drives? Except for green drives (and Im not sure about them even for slowing down rpm) - do any drives slow down their RPM when not in use to save power? This is what a rep from mediasonic told me.

There were also interesting reviews on newegg and amazon about this product - one said that it really only supported usb 2 because a usb 3 cable wouldnt fit (I found this hard to believe for this product), and another review stated that it said it supported 5gbps but didnt support sata 6 so how could it support 5gbps...
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  1. PS if Anyone knows of a good 4 bay enclosure that runs about this price ($129 give or take) but allows the power down of the drives to save $$/mother earth - let me know. I am starting to feel guilty running some enclosures I have 24/7 when I access them 1/10 of the time if that.
  2. Sorry no one knew anything here. Thanks though.
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