HD 4870 vs HD 4890 in crossfire

I'm building a new system, and was wondering which graphics cards to get.

I'm either going to use two HD 4870's, or two HD 4890's. I know that I would get a great deal more power out of the two HD 4890's, but I really do want to save money, and getting the HD 4870's would save me £100 (about $160).

If you have any other suggestions for how I could the most out of £200 - £300 ($320 - $480), please tell me!! And please, don't tell me to get a GTX 285 or something, so I can 'get another one later', because I won't be spending any more on the PC once its finished.

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  1. P.S. I was also considering SLI GTX 275's
  2. Resolution is the key factor here. Though honestly, two 4870's would max out nearly any game at nearly any resolution (except crysis).

    If you want to save money, two 4890's are not for you. 4870's give fine performance.

    While I know I have 4890's.. I also didnt so much care abuot money when it came to system power.. lol.
  3. lol OK, I'm playing games at 1650 x 1050, with plans to upgrade to a screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600, and I want to keep this computer for as long as I can.
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