Asus 6970,ati 5770/6770,4850 and the 4870

just some of the cards I've had the pleasure of using over the years btw 6770 is the re-brand of 5770 for those of you that don't know overclocked them all and brilliant results especially with the 6970 just wanted to know peoples experience with these cards or other cards and some tips on overclocking I am learning fast. thanks to some comments that I've had back I've managed to overclock the 6970 direct cu 2 to 970 gpu reaching temps in crysis of 65C is that a good temp for this card in general? the other cards I've overclocked and still got and they used to reach 80 maybe even 90C sometimes any comments welcome :)
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  1. Nice .. post your result screenshoot and how can you do it and what king VGA cooler you have..?
  2. i have the stock cooler that came on the card but the stock cooler is awesome i shall be posting results later when i get back :)
  3. I have 2 4870's one using stock design (Sapphire) and cooler clocks to 845 core and 970 mem (but I backed it down to 825 and 950 for stability), I dont know the exact temps off hand, but I have fan speed profiles set to keep them in the mid 70's. The other 4870 (non refrence) only clocks up to 790 core and havent fully explored the mem range. Suprisingly while the non refrence is quieter it doesnt not cool as awell as the reference design, espically the RAM. (VisionTek)
  4. Up to 90 degrees is normal for graphics cards.
  5. well been playing crysis for a while and temp only reached 66 degree and a little while ago upped it by ten on 980 im thinking of upping it by another 20MHz too 1000MHz also does anyone know of a good pci cooler? was thinking of getting a graphic card one but for the other side done some tests with the 5770 on my mates pc it reached 49-50C idle and attached a coolermaster fan from my old cpu heat sink to the other side of the chip and went down to 41C even hit 39C at one point
  6. I haven't used any of those cards. But my experience with GTX 460's and GTX 470's indicates that 20% overclocks over stock speeds are standard. I run my GTX 470 at 775MHz core, I forget the other speeds. I don't remember exactly what my friend runs his GTX 460 768MB at, but it's a bigger OC than mine. Both appear to be stable.
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