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Is there any way to recover files after a shift+delet. I believe i did it last night on a LOT of information I need back. Please help! Windows Vista, I deleted folders and pst files for microsoft outlook
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  1. There is no such thing as a "shift-delete".

    Download this tool and run in on the hard drive in question, and it will list any files that are still physically on the drive:

    Let us know how it goes, and good luck.
  2. By Shift-delete. he/she means holding shift while deleting files so they skip the recycle bin and go away.

    Yeah, the files are still there for sure. Just need an app like that(recuva being free is great), getdataback or easyrecovery and you can bring those back.
  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow morning that they show back up. I was concerned that the shift+delete made them go bye-bye for sure. Thanks to both of you for your response!
  4. avoid using your computer for ANYTHING else until recovery is complete. Since the space is marked free and can be used(also note any auto defrag should be off as it can use that space on you.).

    Best of luck and in the future, don't shift+del things.
  5. +5^^^^^
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