Which driver to use? GTX 275


That's my card(s)(I'm planning to be running 2 in SLI; one's arrived and one's in the mail). Both Nvidia and MSI offer drivers. Nvidia's drivers are newer and Windows 7 compatable (which I'm using). MSI's are a version older and only Vista compatible. Which should I use? What will I lose by only using Nvidia's (first build, sorry, not familiar with drivers at all)?
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  1. General use is to use the latest from Nvidia unless they makes your games freeze, then revert back.
  2. Are the fans on the cards usually run by drivers or are they independent? I'm worried that because of the two fans, the nVidia drivers won't use both. Also, will I still be able to OC?
  3. Use EVGA Precision to set your fans and overclock too.
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