AMI BIOS Set up for Asus P5W DH Deluxe

Hello All,

I just wanted to check with other Asus P5W DH owners regarding the set up of the BIOS. I am posting a screen shot to help illustrate my question. First of all a backgroud on my set up. I have a primary HD (Segate 3500) which has Windows XP SP3, a Data HD (Western Digital 3200) and a DVD Burner (Lite-On). All devices are SATA. The devices are connected to SATA1, SATA3 and SATA4 respectively. Not sure why there is not a SATA2. Probably beyond my technical comprehension..... :pt1cable:

Now for my question. If you notice the Primary IDE Master and Primary IDE Slave show up as [Not Detected]. Is that correct? Shouldn't the Hard Disks be detected here vs on the Third IDE Master\Slave? I am running AMI BIOS.

Thanks, Bill
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    With Sata there is what appears to be arbitrary designations to which port your on. It is of no importance, you just need to select which drive your boot drive is on another page.
    You can use your manual to identify which is the Sata 0 or primary connector or just plug into another until you hit it right. There is no real deficiency here as with standard ide controllers.
  2. Thanks for that information. One other question. My manual talks about using the drives in either Parallel ATA Storage or AHCI. The options are to select [standard IDE] if I want to use Parallel ATA or [AHC] if I want to use ACHI. Which option makes most sense? I am not using nor do I plan to use RAID. I just want to have my two Hard Disks running as separate drives - one for the OS and programs and one for data.
  3. Roonj

    Yep and confirmed by Asus. It does not matter. I have also learned that it the mobo is showing some of the ports as [Not Detected] because these ports are assigned to the two IDE ports which are empty.
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