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I am running Windows XP on a networked PC.
I hava a folder that I applied Encrypt to Secure Data under Advanced Attributes.
No problem accessing until an Administrator accessed my PC and I am now unable to read any file within the folder - Error Message says file is encrypted!
I have checked to see whether I can export the Private Key but there is no certificate!
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    You need to speak with that Administrator and ask what was done and why. They may take a dim view of encrypting files in their network.

  2. They may have either re-created your account or changed the password on your account manually. Of course most admins don't ask if anyone encrypted anything on the hard-drive, encryption usually causes more issues than it solves. If that is the case, your encrypted data is lost, feel free to beat up on whoever did that to you.

    You need to export the key BEFORE the issue to use it.
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