Looking for best CPU for Excel calculations...

Our investment department runs simulations on Excel. No disk Activity, pegged CPU. I need to spec new PCs for them. What are the top CPUs for this? What TH benchmark is the best to go by?
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  1. it will definitely be intel, thats for sure.
  2. i7 (1366) or wait for i9 next yr
  3. Frys has the core i7 870 for $549 in today's ad. I can't wait for mid October, when they may offer closeout Intel cpus for about half their original price. They've done this for years, but I don't know if they will repeat it again this year.
  4. To take advantage of the multicore CPUs that these posters are recommending you have to be running Excel 2007 and configure it to use multiple threads as described at this MSDN web page.

    And here's a blogger with some information on how Excel performs in a multithreaded environment.
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