CPU & GPU too hot even after Zalman 9900 & 6 Fans??

So I must say, I'm really really worried right now. I don't do any OC. I don't run any hardware intensive games. In fact, the most I ever do is usually just play videos and photoshop. And yet my temps seem to be sky high for what I'm doing.

Can someone help me explain why pls?? I'm really worried!!! :( Considering that I'm not doing anything except downloading and watching vids (i bought the set up for future video/graphics/gaming projects that I have not had time to do yet), it's really hot.

case: Antec p190 (all fans already set to highest speeds)
2x150mm 3 speed top fans
1x120 mm rear 3 speed exhaust fan
2x120 mm Antec TriSpeed front intake fans
1x220 mm side panel fan
motherboard: gigabyte ga-ex58-extreme
CPU: intel i7 920 lga1366
CPU Fan: Zalman 9900 LED
GPU: 2x evga nvidia gtx 280 OC in SLI. really only used to connect 3 monitors and an LG TV to it...
PSU: Corsair 750 HX

I also have 6 x 2 TB Seagate barracuda LP hard drives connected

my temp readings are (according to Speedfan)
CPU: 74C
GPU1: 81C
GPU2: 65C

then it has a few "remotes and locals" that i dunno what they are but they're running at:

temp1: 54 C
temp2: 35 C
temp3: 54 C
local: 67 C
remote 2: 74 c
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  1. HW Monitor reads each CPU core at 41 C (so i guess that's better?) but no avg CPU temp. the GPUs are still reading at 79 and 65.

    CPU fan is on tight and thermal paste reapplied. Case is dusted, vacuumed, air blown.
  2. is it realy that hot? can you check with like a temperature meter in your case, if it gives the same temperatures, speedfan can be verry wrong, HW Monitor is much better in my oppinion.

    The 41 C sounds about right, the 79 C is okay-ish if you have it on load and on the triple screen resolution.

    how is the cable management?
  3. nope, on idle. nothing fancy, just 3 monitors hooked up.

    just ordered an infrared thermometer but it sounds to be about right.

    cable management is as great as it's going to be (i spent quite a bit of time on it) for 2 GPUs, 6 hard drives and 6 fans. lots of sata cables, power cables, etc but i managed to hide most of it in the back.
  4. just 3 monitors... that gives a huge resolution.

    Can you try hooking just one monitor on it and see if the gpu temperatures get to normal again?

    Do you have any normal thermometer to just look at your ambiant temperatures and the temperature in the case itself?

    Does it help a lot if you just remove the side of the case?
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