Need help picking out power supply and card

Hello,i recently bought an hp.the graphics arent too bad,but at the same time arent that great..

Can anyone reccomend me a power supply + a graphics card?

here are some of my specs

Processor - Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual-Core processor E5200 [2.5GHz, 2MB L2, 800MHz FSB]

it came with a GeForce 7100 nForce 630i motherboard/graphics


Power supply 250 watts

Total slots 1 PCIe (x16 graphics), 1 PCI, 2 PCIe (x1)

so what would be my best route considering i would like to spend no more than a total of 300$?
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  1. 4870 1GB $129 after rebate

    Antec 550w SLI/Crossfire $65

    if you have a monitor larger then 24 inches you can jump up to an ATI 4890

    *save the extra $100 for a future CPU upgrade
  2. Is this a slimline or 'normal' case?
    What are your doing with this system?
  3. This is a normal case.and i bought this computer mainly for using it as my home recording studio,but i couldnt resist using it for internet and now i want to also play games on it.i bought a 20$ war game and it looks slighty choppy.i plan on playing games on it maybe 10 hrs a week tops..

    i am using a 17inch westinghouse lcd and maybe in a few months i will start using a 42 inch lcdtv..

    so i kind of want something that will be equally as great on both screens if possible.

    thanks guys you are both real helpful.ive spent hours looking online and i havent been able to get nowhere until i found this board
  4. the computer is al pavillion 6110t
  5. With a E5200 and set to stock clocks a HD4870 is going to be heavily restricted, the CPU simply cannot feed it with enough data this is a little more appropriate:

    And because the card needs less power you can use a less expensive, but still quality unit:

    Neither of the above are Godspel perfect for you and depend on the TV you're using. If it's 1080 you might want to look at the HD4770 or 9800GT class which are a step up from the HD4670
  6. Given how small your display is you will be ehavily CPU limited as coozie has stated. No need to get something as powerful as a 4870 until you use a bigger display. The CPU will hold you back, and even with a fine CPU a 4850 would be the most you'd ever need for that resolution.

    The CPU is not as much a factor if your TV is 1080P, while a 4850 would be sufficient still. you would notice the upgrade to a 4870 at that point.

    Regardless of a "bottleneck" you wil still get mroe performance out of a 4870 when comapred to slower cards.. it just would be of questionable value for your money. As you increase the reolution it becomes less of an issue.
  7. the e5200 is still a decent CPU and could be OC if not for the fact the PC is a HP
  8. Regardless of what you do a new PSU would be required for a new GPU.
  9. ct1615 said:
    the e5200 is still a decent CPU and could be OC if not for the fact the PC is a HP

    Aye, even at stock it is still an alright low end CPU. Only at CPU limited resolutions, like most 17" displays would give you, is the 'bottlenecking" much of an issue.
  10. hmm so anything between the 4670 and 4850 im guessing?

    what brand should i go with? there is various ones i have come across
  11. asus, xfx, his, msi, gigabyte, sapphire are some of the better ATI manufacturers
  12. thanks guys i really appreciate it
  13. I have a couple of the HIS cards; a 4850 and a 4670. The IceQ4 cooler is very effective and very quiet.
    Antec is a solid PSU brand, but I'd look at an Earthwatts over a BP for higher quality and better efficiency.
  14. is there any risk of damaging my computer by changing the power supply?

    rookie question haha
  15. Mechanically, yes, the motherboard connectors can be tight risking damage if you are a little clumsy and some wires may be difficult to reach or require the removal of the CPU cooler or cooler ducting.
    Take it slowly and carefully and you will be fine.
    It is not possible to put the wrong connectors into the wrong sockets.
    All power supplies provide standard voltages, so there's no risk of electrical damage either.
  16. one last question for you pc gamers..

    Should i settle for the 512mb SAPPHIRE HD 4670

    or go for the 1gb? is it a huge difference?
  17. the card is too slow to take advantage of 1GB, there will be no difference if you get the 512mb
  18. A GTS 250, 400w PSU from corsair <--- Very Affordable
  19. so what happens to the stock card when i install the new one?
    am i supposed to disconnect the wire to that one and connect the new one? im kinda confused about
  20. you have integrated graphics currently so there is no card to remove

    simply locate your PCI-E x16 slot, plug your new card into it with the PC off
    connect your monitor to the cards port
    turn on your PC
    Install the drivers (down load latest from the ATI web site)
  21. Hey just wanna ask a question relating i am about to buy a new graphics card and PSU iv got around 140-200 Australian to purchase with any thoughts i what i should get

    i was thinking the Ati 4650 1 gb from asus and the A-Power 750w dual fan PSU

    my system is

    Intel Pentium 4 3.00 ghz
    1.2 gig ram
    40gig Internal hard drive
    80gig external hard drive
    intergrated graphics card
    windows XP

    this will be mostly used to play wow , and newer games
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