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Okay... so i have a Raid0 with 4x500GB HDD in it. I am trying to set up Ubuntu to duel boot, but I'm having problems with the raid (ubuntu does some crazy mapping thing, i don't know..) so what I wanted to do was rebuild the Raid0 on 3x500GB and have the Fourth one as Ubuntu non-raid volume. I have my windows system image backed up, but when I go and try to recover the image on the 3x500GB array, I get some error saying there isn't a disk available that can have the image installed on it... does anyone know what the deal with this is? The back up size is only 1.3TB or so (I made a little more than a hard drive worth, or ~650GB, of unallocated space) to make sure it wasn't trying to restore 2TB onto a 1.5TB volume but I'm still having issues with it.. Any ideas apart from a clean install... I don't much feel like having to reinstall everything.

I'm not sure if this has to do with the Raid0 set up or some limitation of Windows... so if this should be moved to the Windows7 forum then I hope a mod could help me out :whistle:
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    The problem was either that I didn't shrink the back up image enough or that the name of the raid0 array had to be the same as it was before. not sure which one, but I have it restoring now.
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