Usb 2 0 very slow

i have this 16 gb corsair usb stick. i made it bootable with windows. but when it starts copying windows files from usb to pc its preety damn slow...i was in this morning like wtf just 30 % has copied in 8 f**in hours? please any help? i remind that the Notebook is an "eee pc 4g asus" and doesnt have in Bios the option for full speed or any, but it does have 2.0 usb ports. how the hell? when i transfer something to usb its like around 1 mb/s i think it should be more than that i mean everything here is 2.0 its not a compatibility isue

RESOLVED: i used wintoflash software to make usb bootable. i shoulded format it in "FAT 16 LBA" not "FAT 32L BA" now its very fast
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  1. RESOLVED .now may close topic please
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