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I am trying to decide what graphic's card i want to buy. I was planning on getting a Nvidia gtx 275 896mb, but my system may be too much of a bottleneck for it. I have been trying to find a good article to that gave me a base line on when you over run your CPU Ghz/Mobo FSB with a graphic's card. Below is the current system. I know the board is not the greatest overclockers board and i have plans to upgrade the board and processor down the road. I was trying to decide between the gtx260 216 core vs the gtx 275. I was trying to see if it would bottleneck either one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Asus p5nsli motherboard oc'ed to 1200mhz
C2D e7300 oc'ed to 3.0 Ghz
5gb of pc 5300 ddr2 dual channel pushed to 700mhz
Nvidia 7600gs 256mb X2 SLI - oc'ed to optimized settings

Thanks for the help
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  1. It shouldn't bottleneck, I've seen a GTX295 with a E8400 OCed to 3.1Ghz. Any chance of OCing it a little higher?
  2. Any single GPU will be work with fine scaling.

    What resolution do you play at? unless it is 1920*1200 or higher there is little use to anythingmore than a 260.
  3. Negative. I tried to push it higher, but the board Freaks out. I have tried to look up this board on overclocking sites and most people say buy a new board. There is no cooler for the south bridge and it gets super hot. At this point i don't really care if it burns up :) I have a plenty of fans 2 120mm, 1 92mm (blow hole), and 120mm in power supply. Proccessor cooler is a freezer pro 7. Running 3 instances of prime95 i don't get over 50c. I will eventually get a new board and memory later, but since i will be jobless soon it may be a while (like a year). Is this processor worth keeping or when i upgrade the board should i just scrap the whole system and go for a higher end c2d. Don't think i can afford an I7 system.
  4. I wouldn't bother going for a newer C2D...just sit tight till you can afford an i7 or wait for i5 and i3 to come out.
  5. 1280x1024 would be about it. I have a 19" monitor and may move up to a 22" later. I am not a big fan of super small icons and such so 1600x1200 would probably be about all i would do when i get a new monitor. How long do you think the gtx 260 stay up to par? Right know i am playing fallout 3, but will this card handle games like diablo 3 when they come out next year or the year after?
  6. Oh wow, in that case there is absolutely no reason to get anything more than a 4850. Save yourself some cash. A 275 is mindlessly overkill for that resolution.
  7. Would the 260, be the nvidia equivalent to the 4850. Not really a fan boy of Nvidia, just this board supports sli so, i been trying to stick to nvidia so later i can pick up another card to get a boost in 1 year when the price drops on the older cards. Thanks for the quick reply's this is by far one of the best forums around.
  8. The 9800gtx+ (rebranded as gts250) are the rough equivalent to the 4850.
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