Overclock PC For Dummies- LF: Part Suggestions

Howdy folks :pt1cable:

I am a novice when it comes to over-clocking, as I use only the OS based methods (Turbo V on T1090 Black), relying on dominantly cookie cutter "smart" systems. However, I am looking to learn and in the future create beasts on liquid nitrogen and custom piping. Love crafting *** :P

As my main systems are quiet pricey, I would rather create a new Rig to learn the art. I Intend to spend under £200 for a full array of computer desktop parts to OC (POTENTIALLY EXCLUDING GPUs as I have a few spair ones). So my Question is first and foremost:

What parts/system con figs can you recommend on the cheapish side for a novice to burn through while he learns, and then to hand over to a teenage baby brother to keep, for dx11 capable games and stuff (assuming the computer survives). Key parts of the question include:

1)Motherboards (or at least main Mobo features that you would recommend)
2)Processor (AMD or INTEL- not a fanboi of either)
3)Other good Bits :P

Thanks for your help in the past gents :P

This forum is a Mecca for Techhies.
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  1. Well first off go with amd....they are cheaper by far....for your mobo anything in the mid range(120-180canadian) is a pretty good safe bet...and if you could you would save alot of cash because the next gen tech is comin out which will put the parts your lookin for cheaper. But for budget and quality you cant beat amd. intel preforms about 10-15% better but at a higher price. I have built all my systems up till now all amd cuz of budget but I tweaked it so it works very well....get back if ya want to know some more specifics I can find out for ya...this is just my opinion + facts. also a big performance boost is gettin a solid state drives but those are pricey. Ill check this thread tomorrow and answer any more questions you have. till then have a good one!
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