4770 Crossfire x16 vs. x8


Does x16 make a difference compared to x8 with two of these cards? My motherboard, M4A79T Deluxe, has four PCI-E slots, but the two x16 ones are too far apart to reach with the crossfire bridge. I even have one of the longer cables.

My CPU is an AMD Phenom II X4 955 and my maximum resolution is 1680x1050. I play a variety of new and older games but nothing as demanding as Crysis. Fallout 3 is likely the heaviest at the moment.
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  1. No, x8 is more than enough for anything out today. Might handicap the next gen dual GPU cards though..b nothing to worry about for 4770's
  2. Great, thanks.
  3. So for some reason only one of these cards is being detected according to both CCC and GPU-Z. They both have additional power from the PSU, are connected with two crossfire bridges and catalyst 9.6 has been uninstalled and reinstalled since then. However, when I enter Windows (XP) I am told new hardware has been found which I assume is the second card. What is wrong here and what do I do?
  4. Does device manager see the second card? Does it apply teh drivers to it correctly?

    FYI, you only need one bridge to crossfire.
  5. No, apparently that unknown device is related to the onboard audio. The device manager cannot see the second card.
  6. Make sure any settign in the bios to enable the second PCIe slot are selected. Double check the card is seated correctly, and ensure both cards function on their own.
  7. That last suggestion of yours was spot on. The second card provides no signal. Damn.
  8. You will notice no difference... it would only matter if you were using 2 GTX295... even there, I don't know.

    What we learned is that SLI and Crossfire are extremely powerful solution with middle and middle high-end card, but two GTX295 or 4890 hurt performances.

    Not normal that a core i7 perfoms better with two GTX260 over two GTX295 (check tomshardware latest budget PCs, 1300$ and 2000$)
  9. Answer to his original question was already taken care of red ;)

    Also, crossfire provides about the same scaling throughout the lineup. It is not as good with a third and fourth GPU though. But, the thing that changes is the bang for your buck obviously goes down the higher end you go, double that and many would have a hard time justifying it.
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