Pcie 2.0 x16 @ x1 2.0 Asus M3n78-vm GTS 250 65nm

GPUZ reports Pcie x16 is only running at x1, I've tried overclocking standard PCIE clock from 100 to 101,105 and 115 and theres no peg force x1 option on the bios and no option to set the NB voltage manually except to increase 50mV at a time. any Ideas how to solve this would be very much appreciated.
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    I don't thing overclocking or raising NB voltage is ever going to help that issue. The feature you have an issue with doesn't require alterations. Try optimizing defaults in bios and then go to video and disable onboard video, select Peg not pci and see if there are options for peg. Also try Cpu-z as that will verify you don't have a bad version of gpuz on your hands. I've seen connections reduce to 2.0@ 4x and 8x due to low voltage but not revert to version 1.0
  2. thanks all fixed now, I think? both CPUZ and GPUZ reported the same prob and no other option about PEG though. I also used defaults in the bios and still x1 link width. then I removed the GPU to see if there's a x16 to x1 jumper set incorrectly (there wasn't) dusted the GPU and put it back in and, there it is x16 so I overclocked CPU and GPU to see if it'll return to x1 and it's still x16 so it's probably fixed so... Thanks!!!
  3. I think I found the Culprit here I have no idea what the problem is but when I close Rockstar games social Club on CPUZ pcie x16 is reduced to x1 when I open it again and restart CPUZ pcie reverts to x16.
  4. Wow don't know what this Rockstar is doing to alter the pciexpress but it doesn't sound good for it.
  5. Yeah, probably a driver issue don't really know. I'll try reinstalling the chipset, GPU, and then GTA IV.
  6. Crap damn it, made it a lot worse, now the link width won't go back to x16 even with the RSGSC on, help.... anyone????
  7. I don't know what rockstar is but since you seem to own it remove it for now, completely. Reboot check your settings. Now go to contrl mgr/device mgr/video.
    Select your GTS 250 right click, a window should pop up offer choices. It usually starts with update driver, at the bottom of that window is a selection to remove which includes all drivers, select that and remove all of it. Now shut down, get out your gts 250 driver disk, start up windows should see your 250 and hopefully ask for the drivers, follow the prompts and get the card reinstalled , reboot check the card performance. If it's all ok again or finally good. If not then I'd guess theres still something in the registry. You need to fix it at this level before involving the Rockstar program again. by the way what is rockstar? hardware or software?
  8. its a software from rockstar games it comes with GTA IV and requires it to play GTA IV, and other Rockstar games titles I guess. will do what you said and see what happens. Thanks
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