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okay I just got a new laptop with windows 7. I started to back up my entire system as a system image to couple of dvd's. at the third dvd, my laptop ran out of power even though it said it was at 60 percent and had supposedly 2 hours left power. When I resumed my system, windows found errors on the third disk. I assume this was because of the power loss. I put in a new cd and completed the back up.

Is it likely that my back up got corrupted?
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  1. Yes, on the first backup attempt. If you made another full backup after you plug in the power and restart, that copy of the backup should be fine.
  2. I backed up idifferent sections, in discs. So that would mean the disc being written on while the power went off would only be corrupted right?
  3. So dvd number 1 and 2 is still from the first backup attempt and dvd number 3 is a new disk made in second attempt?
  4. no, 1 and 2 are of the first back up, the third one is still part of the original back up. the third one got errors when the power went out. I am doing a scond attempt at making disc 3 of the back up. the back up requires multiple cdäs to back up the entire system since they are only 4.7 Gb each
  5. What are u using for back up?

    Battery power status is an average till that moment u look at it,

    so if u look at it before intensive use of CPU it doesn't reflect correct amount of battery charge left. It adjusts shortly after. That's why u had all of the sudden only 2hrs left.
  6. I will play it save and do a full backup again with power connected to the wall. After all dvd's are cheap and it is a pain to go through your laptop manufacturer to get a copy of the Window restore disc, if you need to restore in the future and found out that your backup is actually screwed up.
  7. I have tired Windows 7 snap-in backup once and never use it again because everytime i tired to backup my system drive. it would pop up an notice, saying there is an error. What kind of error? I don't know. It just won't let me do this. So I switched to free backup tool: Easus todo backup on download.cnet sucussfully done and i use it to do my daily jobs. at download cnet holds lots of backup freebies.
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