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So I just finished my first build and ran Prime95 torture test to assess my CPU temps. With 1x120mm top exhaust fan, 1x120mm rear exhaust fan and 1x120mm front intake fan my max temp was 62 C. I then installed a few more fans (2x120mm top exhaust, 1x120mm rear exhaust, 2x120mm front intake and 1x140mm side intake) and now my cpu temp is maxing at 66 C. How did my temp jump 4 C with the addition of 3 more fans. The only other thing is that I set my thermostat in the house up from 72 F to 75 F between testings. My cable management is OK so I'm kind of stumped.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. The additional fans could be the culprit, there is no good airflow inside the case.
  2. You need linear airflow front intakes, side exhaust, back exhaust, top exhaust
  3. I'll switch the side to an exhaust and tun another test. I have a HAF 912 case and was just going off what their site suggested for fan placements.
  4. With the side being an intake with I assume a stock HSF...This would cause the HSF to be nulled out
  5. could get a bigger case? it worked with mine i get temps of 27C with my 1090 t overclocked by 1ghz were as in my old case got 36C might just help plus ive seen some people with bad wire management so stuff like that could increase temps
  6. Wow, airflow is a fickle mistress. I turned the side from an intake to an exhaust and it dropped it to 64 C. Then I just turned off the side fan and it dropped back to 62 C. I guess more fans doesn't mean better. Thanks for the help. Maybe later down the line I'll invest in a better heatsink/fan setup.
  7. The side fan looks to be "blinding" out the airflow across the board...
  8. xynyx said:
    I guess more fans doesn't mean better.

    VERY TRUE!! But keep in mind there are more components than just the CPU. You may notice your GPU, Northbridge or southbridge get lower temps with the side fan. I observed the northbridge in my comp to lower in temperature while my GPU and CPU gained a few degrees with a side fan. However, the best overall setup for me seems to be front to back with NO side fan and the GPU placed away from the Northbridge.
  9. what rpm do your fan's run and what brand and cfm do they push?
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