Is my AMD 64 X2 3800+ bottlenecking my 9800GT?

Is my AMD 64 X2 3800 bottlenecking my 9800GT?

I know it's a really old CPU so I was just curious. I don't even know if it's obvious or not.

I also plan on upgrading to either a Phenom II X2 550 BE or E7500. Will it be a big difference?
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  1. You will see a noticable difference in that upgrade. Definitely worth upgrading and I think your cpu is bottlenecking that card. Do you have your cpu overclocked? If not I would do so and run 3dmark06 by futuremark before and after the cpu overclock to see the results.

    You can download the rather large file from 500mb+ file
  2. I gave my little brother my 4850 and Athlon X2 3800+. The CPU does limit the GPU very much, actually. I would strongly recommend a CPU/Motherboard upgrade if you're looking for more performance.
  3. Thank you for the replies, just wanted to ask something else...

    Do motherboard's give any significant boost in performance?

    and are the CPU's I've mentioned an ok dual core upgrade?

    Thanks again
  4. I have a 8800GTS 512 OC GPU.
    I had a 4600X2, socket 939, DFI Lanparty, and 4 gig of DDR Memory.
    I bought a Gigabyte board, a Phenom II 920, and 4 gig of Crucial DDR2 memory.
    Bought it on sale at Frys back at the first of the year, spend $295.
    Put my 8800GTS back in.
    My 3dMark 06 score with the 4600X2 was around 9500, could hit 10,000 with a little overclocking.
    My 3dMark 06 score now with the Phenom II is 14,300, can hit 15,200 with a little overclocking.
    Big difference, and yes you can tell it.
  5. So you think I should go for the Phenom II X2 550 BE?

    I know it may sound one-sided but I always thought Intel had the better processors for gaming.
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