Running G.Skill Ripjaws on an AMD

Ok, so I purchased the following ram...

And as many people have stated, it has clocked lower on my AMD Board and processor (See sig), to 9-9-9-24. I have changed this to 7-8-7-24 as the specs are supposed to be, and undeclocked it a bit to 1333 mhz, leaving voltage on auto, and so far so good on memtest. I will probably still tinker with it, and have to continue the test a bit more, but if memtest checks out, am I good to go, or are their others tests./things I need to do to ensure/test stability and safety?

Sorry if it's a stupid question in advance, new build, and learning as I go!

- C

My bad, I mean DDR133, at 666 MHZ (that's what memtest is telling me, anyways)
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  1. All boards clock it lower, even Intel (or at least they should). It is for compatibility reasons. Use a program like CPU-Z to get the real speed it is running at. Also, check what voltage 'auto' set it too to make sure it did not set it stupidly high.
  2. Thanks for the input on that. How exactly do I check the voltage it set it to though, I can see pretty much everything else on CPU-Z, BUT that. And right now on CPU-Z it is running at 7-8-7-24, at ddr1333 (667mhz). Also, any idea if it would be worth the jump to try and push it to 1600 like it is supposed to be at? Ran just fine on mem test for 6 + hours at 1333, but not sure if it would be much of a difference, be it in visible terms or benchmarks, to do so. Thoughts?

    - C
  3. It doesn't get you a whole lot in real world performance (1600), just in benchmarks mostly (if we are talking about gaming). Voltage, try HWMonitor or PCWizard from the same site. They may not label it directly, but we should be able to find it off of those programs.
  4. Ok, will download and run them tomorrow, and post results here to see what we can find. Appreciate the help immensely, it's making this first build a lot easier and much more of a learning experience than just leaving it all alone.

    - C
  5. Oh, and it should also be in the BIOS monitoring section (somewhere around 1.5-1.65V) if you would prefer that route.
  6. Ok, looks like it's running 7-8-7-24 stable at ddr3 1333 (667 mhz), and it says in bios that it is on auto at 1.6 volts, I believe. Should I change auto TO 1.6, then try to hit the same timings at 1600? Also, know of any good benchmarking tests to see if I am getting an increase by tweaking, and how much? Thanks!

    - C
  7. I suppose no harm in trying if you'd like to. The worst it can do is make you reset the BIOS. But yes, be sure to fix the voltage at 1.6 just to make sure it doesn't get creative. If you run into problems, it may need 1.65V to operate at that speed.
  8. Ok, so I tried Sandra, which rated the 7-8-7-24 ddr3 1333 a bit above the 9-9-9-24 1333, but when I tried 7-8-7-24 at 1600 with 1.6 volts, the boot failed. Trying 8-8-8-24 right now at 1600 and 1.6 volts, and it booted, so trying memtest now on that. Any suggestions or comments?

    - C
  9. It may require 1.65V, or it may just not like 1600MHz and not run at it.
  10. hey reanimation, im sorry to interupt but i need to ask u how well ur v8 cooler fits rite beside the ripjaw memory, is there enough clearance ?? because i have also bought 4 sticks of the gskill ripjaw and need a heatsink for my 965 be, thanks
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