Sata3 hdd with sata2 raid controller

Hi there!

As I've seen from Gigabyte forum there is no chance to make stable RAID storage system using Marvell SATA3 on my GA-P55A-UD3 mobo and the only option left for now (I'm in a hurry and have to build a new PC in two days) is to attach 6GB/s drives to Intel ICH10R SATA2 controller ports with a hope I could get some advantage of RAID anyway.

Just being curious would like to ask experts is there any Add-on PCI SATA3 controller which really can achieve 4x speed boost on RAID0 configuration as Gigabyte promised at some point (what a shame!)? Are those cards rare and expensive?

How big is the advantage should I expect from using SATA2 RAID0 virtually comparing to single connection?
And one more question: there is a jumper table on top of HDD telling the interfase speed can be lowered from 6 to 3GB/s manually. Do I really need to place a jumper or SATA2 controller will slow down the drive itself?

I would really appreciate any comments. Please drop a PM as I'm not really a subscriber.

androm65 androm65[at]
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  1. I can't answer most of the question, but if the drives that you are going to RAID are mechanical HDDs there is no benefit to be gained from using SATA3. No current HDD can outperform an SATA2 channel.

    Some SSDs can, though.
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