Help me im a newbie

im a bearly bulit my computer
but i want to learn how to overclock my CPU and if possible my ram
I have a AsRock N68C-S UCC motherboard
a Amd antlon II X4 635 2.9 ghz
4gb or ram memory
500 gb Storage memory
and windows 7 ultimate
if needed more info ask me
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  1. I would recommend the articles on TH, just go back to the forum page where you started this post and read one of the first articles about overclocking your processor.

    A little research on the internet is going to give you way more information than a thread here at TH can.
  2. theres loads of videos on youtube about overclocking that how i learnt even if there not your own motherboard just watch anyway and pick up tips
  3. To answer your question

    Overclocking is best done from the BIOS

    When your computer boots up, it'll prompt you to hit F1 for boot priority, F2 for BIOS settings, and F10 for system restore (note that the F2 key for BIOS settings varies, it may be the DEL key or other F#s depending on how updated your BIOS is).

    Normally you don't hit any buttons and windows or whatever your OS is loads automatically. This time you want to hit the F2 key or your BIOS equivalent

    From the BIOS you want to navigate to the advanced tab. This is done by pressing the arrow keys.

    Once you get to the advanced tab, you want to change the values for RAM and CPU reference clock.

    Reference clock values are arbitrary. All you need to know is that by raising the reference clock value by 10%, you increase your stock frequency by a corresponding 10%.
    I recommend OC the CPU and RAM by 11% each to start.

    Once your done adjusting the values, hit F10 to exit and choose to save changes.

    Then boot up your system and check for stability.

    In the case that you can't modify the reference clock values (ie they are greyed out), then you'll have to resort to overclocking software.

    Go for Ntunes this is easiest to use and doesn't require you to find your PLL and its largely self explanatory

    Hope this helps
  4. Check the stickies at the top of the forum they will help you immensly
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