The worlds fastest cpu?

take a look at this, its not so new, but its definitely something:

I wish Fujitsu start making cpus for the public.
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  1. sounds great but how much is it?
  2. this news is so old, its been discussed time and again, and the reason y its so fast is because the instruction set is vastly reduced, the average desktop cpu would murder that chip in a desktop environment, the chip you should have posted is this
  3. that one is even older. the fujitsu is not desktop suited, so u cant say "the average desktop cpu would murder that chip in a desktop environment". any similar chip will get murdered the same way. my point was that there are other brands that can be big players, if allowed to be.
  4. Unless it is based on x86 it is useless to the public as most software won't run on it, including the OS. If they switched to x86 (after acquiring the appropriate licence from Intel of course), this performance advantage would vanish and they'd just be another AMD.
  5. why would they be screwed? im confused... someone post technical data.
  6. well they dont say it's a cpu but it's a chip. I think this may take the fastest chip todate. (btw this was back in 2006 so this is old as well. along with overclocking and temps near absolute 0. ),2992.html
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