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Hi, I need to re-tattoo my HP pavilion, because of a Code Purple. I found that I can download the utility from an HP support site, but don't have a login, and the login posted in this procedure, doesn't work: http://go2techonline.com/Documents/Tattoo_DMI_Utility_Instructions_v5.pdf

Is there any other way to get my hands on this utility. The procedure seems simple enough to follow.

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  1. Have you tried contacting HP support regarding this?
  2. HP support was useless. They told me my computer was no longer supported, and they no longer provide recovery CDs for older models. The support Engineer (salesman) then tried to sell me a new computer. What a joke. Like I'll ever go near an HP computer again.

    I then found a site on the net that sells HP recovery CDs, so I bought a set for my hardware, not realizing that the same code purple error would exist with recovery CDs if the Bios is hosed.

    Next, I went to my local Geek Squad at Best Buy, and told them I had the recovery CDs, but needed my Tattoo restored. The guy told me I had to purchase the Tattoo software from HP to restore the Tattoo. He couldn't be bothered.

    At that point, if a Certified HP Service Provider refused to help me, I knew I only had one option left. I managed to obtain an XP installation CD (reusing my XP license code attached to my computer) and wiped out everything from HP. I'm up and running, and will never buy anything from HP ever again.

    The computer is probably the fastest its ever been, without all of HP's garbage installed.

    Lesson learned.

  3. Hello George

    I'm having the same problem you had with HP. How did you get a XP installation disc for your computer?

    Thank you
  4. Hello,

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