3 sets of 2x2GB in triple channel on X58?

Hi all. I just put together a new system:
Core i7 920 D0
3x (2x2GB) Mushkin Blackline DDR3 1600Mhz 7-7-7-20 @ 1.85-1.95v

Now, initially everything was fine. The system botted with all 6 sticks in, and XMP enabled with the proper timings. I installed Win7Pro64 and all was right with the world.

However, the next day, unhappy with some experimental configurations I made in Windows, I decided to reinstall. When I tried to, the system froze and rebooted. After that, I could not get the system to POST with XMP enabled. The mobo would reboot and revert back to 1033Mhz 8-8-8-20 1.5v. The only way I managed to get it to POST with XMP enabled is with just 2 sticks in.

I emailed Mushkin, and they said that the problem is that the RAM kits are not meant for i7 systems, that i7 systems use RAM running at 1.65v, and that these were for 775 / AM2 motherboards. I was not aware that the voltage would be an issue since XMP forces the use of 1.9v, and the motherboard is capable of going well into the 2+v range. The tech support guy suggested that I exchange the RAM for 2 sets of (3x2GB) 1600Mhz 7-9-7-24 @ 1.65v. Before I go through with that, I'd just like to make sure that this will actually fix the issue (that indeed, this even IS the issue), as I'm not too excited about moving to RAM with such lower timings.

I'm sure someone else has run into this issue before, so any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. you can fry your cpu if you are using memory stick voltage higher than 1.65v. I would exchange the ram.
  2. You can still use this stick, just don't use the XMP profile. Manually set all the timings in the BIOS and do not go about 1.65 volts. You won't be able to get up to 1600mhz but I would bet you can run at 1333mhz after you mess with the timings.
  3. These are not meant for the newer systems, they are designed towards rigs having the MC (memory controller) on the mobo (775 mobos), it would be a good way to fry the CPU and/or the mobo
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