Help with Bios flash. P55-UD3R

on the P55-UD3R. On the manual it says it has dual bios. I want to know what to do if i flash my bios and it goes wrong, and then after the second bios boots and i can atleast use my computer, how to I recover the first bios and fix it. Plz i need help.

CPU: i7-860
GPU: ATI HD 5850
HDD: 1 680GB and one 350GB HDD
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  1. I think it does it automatically, though I have never had a BIOS update fail, so I am not sure. Though whatever you do, download the BIOS (the CORRECT BIOS), load it on a pen drive, and update it in the BIOS, not in Windows.
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    It, indeed, is an automatic function; it will simply tell you the BIOS flash went awry, and 'revert' to the 'as-shipped' BIOS; do not, however, use @BIOS - it is capable (and often does so...) of 'breaking' this recovery mechanism, leaving your MOBO a 'brick'...
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